Unfortunately, crypto is full of scams and many of our investors have had their wallets compromised and funds stolen. One of the common issues for the investor is to be able to receive and keep their tokens which requires them to change the wallet address they get their tokens to.

On Bullclaimer, changing the wallet address is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on Connect Wallet on the Top-right corner of the page:

  • Choose MetaMask or WalletConnect, depending on what wallet app you are using. In this tutorial we will focus on MetaMask.

  • Connect your MetaMask and sign the message when prompted
  • After connecting your wallet, click on any deal you’ve joined which you want to change your wallet address in.
  • Now scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Receiving wallet option.
  • Copy and paste the wallet address you want to claim your tokens to and click on Change Wallet.
  • The platform will prompt you to input your wallet once again.

Make sure you double-check which wallet you are changing to.

Once you confirm the transaction, it will be impossible to change the wallet back unless you have access to the new wallet!

  • After clicking Confirm, confirm the transaction in MetaMask

  • After the transaction is executed, you will not be able to see or claim tokens from the current wallet anymore.