During each vesting date, you will receive the set amount of tokens in accordance with your tier allocation. The tokens will be available in the BullStarter app. In order to move these tokens to your wallet you need to claim them.

If you participated in our BLP Private Contest IDO then, to claim the tokens you have received by participating in our deals, you need to open the deals you joined in your Portfolio.

Each month, in accordance with the terms of the deal, you will receive the tokens you have been guaranteed, as well as the vesting percentage from the get-go when the deal is closed.

When the next vesting date comes, users will be able to claim the releasable amount of tokens by clicking on Claim your vested tokens.

After confirming the transaction in your wallet of choice, you will see the prompt from BullStarter that your transaction was submitted with the tokens appearing in your wallet shortly after.

With VC deals, you are an early investor, meaning, that you are investing in a project before it has generated hype, invested into marketing and launched itself. This means that will receive your tokens based on your allocation after the project you have invested in launches its IDO. Token distribution for VC deals is done manually and the amount of tokens investors will obtain will depend on the allocation for their respective tier.

We will keep our community informed regarding the IDOs for our VC deals, you may also follow each project’s announcement channels to be up-to-date regarding its news.