The BullPerks ecosystem incorporates the following services:


BullPerks has an IDO module that allows users to participate in exclusive initial digital offerings by holding BLP tokens. We will act as true partners for crypto projects that have the potential to transform society. In this regard, BullPerks will not only assist in executing IDOs, but also help them with post IDO support, liquidity tools, technical advisory, marketing, and overall partnerships.

Decentralized VC

The Decentralized VC module has been incorporated in BullPerks to allow users participate in exclusive offerings on more early stages than IDOs via $BLP tokens. Our founders have a strong crypto VC background, and as such, the platform we are implementing has an inbuilt intelligence framework.

We will only partner with impactful projects with good parameters for the DeFi ecosystem. Besides integrating an elaborate protocol with a rich set of decentralized VC features, BullPerks will also ensure users comply with KYC regulations that define the entire community footprint.

Staking I Farming Services

Staking and yield farming have become profitable avenues in DeFi in recent times. BullPerks will support staking/farming functionality on its platform. We intend to allow users to leverage our platform to run staking pools without requiring them to perform additional implementations on their side. This will help them to maximize their profits without compromising on security.