We encourage all investors to do their own research and invest responsibly. Before making a decision, please consider these several reasons for investing with BullPerks.

  1. Unlike other crypto projects, we are not anonymous. Our co-founders and advisors are reputable experts with a proven track record.
  2. We perform a rigorous Due Diligence process with every project that launches on our platform.

It allows us to choose the best-quality startups and secure good allocations for our Bullish community. Before introducing a new project on our launchpad, we perform the following investigations:

1) We vet the team, its experience, and its ability to execute on a promise.

2) We investigate the token metrics and lockups. We also make sure that the Market Cap is low.

3) We thoroughly check technology and check whether the project is ready to launch and has a real utility for its tokens.

4) We also review and confirm project advisors and backers, their involvement in the project, and do other confidential audits of classified project information.

We provide our community with trustworthy information about every project to help them make a better-informed investment decision. We host AMAs with startup founders so that our community can ask any questions before investing in the project. We create engaging videos about the project to help it foster partnerships with influencers, investors, and service providers and add even more to its market value.

When investing in VC deals, keep in mind that the project can change the TGE date or its vesting schedules up to the last minute. Make sure you follow their news to keep up with all the changes in dates. Please remember that the dates in the system can be preliminary and may change upon the new information from the project.