Starting from September 2022, we will be phasing out manual token distribution in favor of claiming on our claiming portal

This will allow every investor to keep track of each distribution, as well as allow them to change their claiming wallet should it get compromised.

Here’s what you need to do to claim your tokens on Bullclaimer

  • Click on Connect Wallet on the Top-right corner of the page:

  • Choose MetaMask or WalletConnect, depending on what wallet app you are using. In this tutorial we will focus on MetaMask.

  • Connect your MetaMask and sign the message when prompted
  • After connecting your wallet, you will see the timers change to Claim for the deals where you can claim tokens now.
  • Click on Claim and confirm the transaction in MetaMask
  • Once the transaction is executed, you will be able to add the token to MetaMask by clicking on Add to MetaMask
  • Also, you can click on the name of the project to see the schedule for each token unlock. You can claim your tokens there as well!